3 Things You Need to Know About Physical Therapy

Have you ever thought about physical therapy and what you don’t know about it? You might be surprised about how this physical treatment method can do so many things to improve your health. Yes, everyone knows PT involves techniques such as exercise, heat treatment, and massage. They’re also aware that it treats you without using surgery or drugs. It can even help out with drug addiction or recovery from therapy. However, are they aware of the 3 most important things about it and why it’s needed for your wellbeing?T

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Dr. Haribhai works on a patient in the Pain Reduction Clinic of El Paso.
  1. Physical Therapists Are Versatile:

    You can find PT professionals working at places like the emergency room, nursing homes, schools, home health agencies, private practices, and outpatient clinics on top of hospitals. They showcase versatility as pros. In addition, different PT types exist out there. You can avail of PT for neurologic rehab, wound care, lymphedema management, pulmonary and cardiovascular rehab, acute care, orthopedic, and post-operative care.
  2. Educational Attainment of a Physical Therapist:

    Furthermore, PT involves advanced degrees. You’re probably shocked that a physical therapist holds a doctorate degree or even went to graduate school, probably because you might tend to mistake one for a massage therapist that doesn’t require doctorates. Before, a bachelor’s degree is enough to become a PT practitioner. In the last few decades, graduate programs began offering entry-level 3-year Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees if you want to enter this profession.
  3. What a Physical Therapist Isn’t:

    As impressive as the field of PT has grown over the years, it alone cannot diminish the symptoms of your condition or ailment. Like with any disease, take care of the root cause first rather than just the individual symptoms it causes. A physical therapist doesn’t have a magic wand to wave of a painful body part to make the ailment go away. PT is most successful when the therapist and patient work together to make a proper treatment plan to meet the goals of the patient.


Physical therapy is a versatile and advanced field. For example, PT pros can also treat vertigo such as positional vertigo, where you experience bouts of dizziness with movement of your head. This condition serves as the most common cause of dizziness. It’s a vestibular system dysfunction of your inner ear that should be treated with a physical therapist session. Never underestimate the abilities of a physical therapist and what he’s capable of.