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The physical therapists and care team at P3 Physical Therapy are proud to now offer NEUBIE by Neufit, an industry-leading device that helps patients at the neurological level. By harnessing the power of electricity, our team can coax the neuromuscular system into healthier movement and performance.

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What Exactly Is NEUBIE?

NEUBIE by NeuFit is a patented and FDA-cleared electrical stimulation device. NEUBIE is short for Neuro-Bio-Electric Simulator.

Unlike other physical therapy interventions, e-stims work by applying electrical currents to a patient’s neurological system to correct various issues. 

Since the neurological system shares many similarities to electrical circuits, this method is ideal for spurring quick, lasting changes. Experts use the term neuromuscular re-education because it helps teach new movement patterns and neurological functions to the body and patient. 

Specifically, NEUBIE works to help patients protect joints, reduce injury, and properly receive/deliver force. 

What Makes NEUBIE Different?

NEUBIE is not the first device used to promote neuromuscular changes, but it uses several innovations for a faster, more effective healing process. The most notable difference is the use of direct current (DC) versus alternating current (AC). 

DC vs. AC Current For Neuropathy

Why exactly is DC better? This is because traditional AC-based devices tend to lock up the targeted muscle area because it promotes eccentric muscle contraction, not a concentric one.

This just means that muscle lengthens once resistance is greater than natural muscle force, instead of muscle tension remaining stable. 

Basically, your muscles aren’t locked into place while current is applied. 

For instance, high AC voltage on your arm may keep your arm locked because of excess contraction. DC-based devices like NEUBIE can apply the same voltage while allowing the patient and PT to move the arm. This means you can actually reap the full benefits of this kind of neuromuscular re-education. 

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NEUBIE Helps Patients Achieve All Types Of Goals!

By visiting P3 Physical Therapy and utilizing the NEUBIE system, you can expect results that specifically target a wide range of health outcomes: 


Suffering from a physical setback? NEUBIE can assist by triggering natural healing processes, addressing problem neurological patterns, and improving overall bodily function. NEUBIE has already been proven to accelerate recovery for 50-75% of all surgeries and injuries.

Pain Reduction

While there are many solutions and techniques to treat external pain, treating internal aches and pain can be more difficult. Often, athletes or regular people will find that certain movement patterns consistently cause a pain response that is hard to pin down. With targeted neurological inputs and a focus on improving proprioception, NEUBIE can target anything from stubborn chronic pain to a one-off injury. 

Enhanced Performance

Looking to take your training to the next level? NEUBIE is fantastic for that as well! NEUBIE can be used alone or in combination with other interventions like mobility drills, psychological training, and others. Sometimes, simply targeting and adjusting neurological inputs can unlock new physical heights. Even professional athletes are catching on!

Muscle Building

Building muscle, to put it simply, is about breaking your body down to build it back up. Not in a dangerous or painful way, but you have to work hard enough for the muscle to be forced into adaptation (growth). NEUBIE can be used alongside curated workouts and help patients achieve quick, long-lasting results.

Faster Healing

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or an excessive workout, NEUBIE can be used to kickstart and accelerate the healing process. If you are active, you probably want to minimize downtime so you can do what you do best. Luckily, NEUBIE has been shown to reduce healing times by 30-70%!

Better Overall Fitness

Most importantly, NEUBIE can help you reach and maintain levels of fitness that set. An experienced PT and the NEUBIE device can help pinpoint areas on your body that will maximize your gains while minimizing your downtime. 


What Does Treatment Look Like?

The NEUBIE system is composed of a small module with wiring that is applied directly to the skin above the targeted muscle group. This treatment can be done while the patient is relatively still, but it is commonly used while performing certain prescribed movements. The device is used in intervals to target and correct any problem neurological actions/movements. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments you may need with NEUBIE all depends on your current condition and goals. For example, minor leg problems may be resolved in as little as one session, whereas a stingy lower back injury may need multiple sessions. No matter what, our goal is to have you reach and even exceed your fitness and wellness benchmarks.

Who Can Use The NEUBIE System?

Good news! Most demographics can be cleared to use the NEUBIE system. It has been used to treat patients ranging from teenagers to the elderly. There are some restrictions, but if you aren’t sure if NEUBIE is for you, give us a call today!

Experience NEUBIE With P3 Physical Therapy!

Does NEUBIE seem like the perfect intervention for your health? Have more questions about the process? Our team is ready and able to answer all of your questions and suggest a course of action for your body and lifestyle. 

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