Sports Medicine in El Paso

Physical Therapy for Sports-Related Injuries

Staying active through sports or other activities comes with many physical benefits. However, sometimes physical activity can lead to injuries ranging from mild to severe. P3 Physical Therapy supports our active El Paso community by offering top-notch sports medicine and sports injury care. 

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Common Sports Injuries

Sports and activity-related injuries are common, ranging from mild sprains and discomfort to more serious injuries requiring surgery. Below are just a few common sports injuries that we work with: 

ACL Tear/Sprain
Groin pull
Shoulder pain/injury
Hamstring strain
Knee pain/injury
Back injuries

How to Avoid Sports-Related Injuries

Know Your Body

Sometimes, the best sign that you may be in for an injury is your own body. If you feel “off,” don’t simply ignore it. If you aren’t feeling so great, don’t hesitate to see a physical therapist. 

Use Proper Technique

No matter the sport or activity, there is likely a proper technique or movement pattern. Without proper technique, it is more likely that an injury will occur. Take the time to research and practice your technique. 

Take Breaks If Necessary

In the sports and fitness world, it can be easy to get caught up in always working out or being active. But the human body works best when you take breaks, especially after intense bouts of exercise. Giving your body a breather from time to time can do wonders for your longevity and overall health. 

Don’t Play Through Excessive Pain

In sports, it can be encouraged to “play through the pain” or “man up” when confronted with extreme pain. However, this could lead to serious injuries. If you’re experiencing acute, excessive pain, contact a doctor or PT. 

Strengthen Supporting Muscles

Depending on your activity, certain muscles will be more active. It’s important to strengthen not only those muscles but the supporting muscles and joints as well. This further reduces the risks of injury. 

Our Sports Medicine Treatments and Services

At P3 Physical Therapy, we offer the following treatments and services for our patients: 

Sports rehab

Pre/Post-Op rehab

Pre/Post-Op rehab

Sports Medicine: Why It Matters

Sports medicine and sports injury care are important because they provide care and support for our active patients. Even those who take excellent care of their body can sometimes end up having an injury that can sideline them for a while. Our physical therapists have the knowledge and expertise to keep your downtime as minimal as possible. 

In addition to helping with current injuries, sports medicine can act as a preventative measure against any future injuries. By performing an evaluation, our team can spot weaknesses that may lead to injuries in the future and prevent them by implementing corrective measures. 

Our Insurance and Payment Information

At P3 Physical Therapy, we try to provide as much care as possible to our active patients in El Paso. To that end, we accept a wide range of insurance coverage and payment options to help our patients. Check out our Insurance and Payment Information page for more information! 

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