Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in El Paso - Physical Therapy

Adjusting after surgery can be difficult for many people. Depending on the surgery, it can take weeks or months to fully recover, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. At P3 Physical Therapy, we offer post-surgical rehabilitation to help our patients adjust as quickly as possible. 

Our Post-Surgical Services

Post-surgery rehab can help in the following ways: 

  • Help with walking/mobility/balance
  • Strengthen muscles 
  • Improve range of motion 
  • Help with daily activities/work activities 

Depending on the surgery, recovery may be a monumental effort that needs a variety of strategies. Our team can provide the knowledge, support, and services to help you recover. 

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Why Post-Surgical Rehabilitation is Crucial for Your Well-Being

Post-surgery rehabilitation is incredibly important to regain strength, mobility, and balance. Depending on the surgery, it can be difficult to regain normal function without the help of a physical therapist. Our team helps you with your post-surgery recovery by accelerating that process and ensuring that the recovery is safe. 

What to Expect from Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our post-surgical rehabilitation services are curated to complete the rehab process with care and brevity. We understand the frustration that comes post-op, so expect a thorough evaluation of your needs and an individualized recovery plan. 

As you work with us, we will make any necessary adjustments to your treatment as they are needed. We will ask you questions and request feedback so we can best adjust to how your body is responding. Once you have fully recovered, we will send you on your way with tips for long-term maintenance. 

The P3 Physical Therapy Difference

Too often, physical therapists utilize a cookie-cutter approach to rehab based on the type of surgery. At P3, we don’t take a one-therapy-fits-all approach. With each patient, we take the time to craft a personalized therapy program based on surgery, goals, other conditions, and other factors.  We ensure each patient is seen by a licensed physical therapist and not a technician. 

Insurance and Payment Details

P3 Physical Therapy accepts most major payment methods and insurance coverage from our patients. To check out more about those options, visit our Insurance and Payment Information page. 

Embark on Your Path Towards Recovery, Today!

The road to recovery can be challenging; you should have the best team in El Paso in your corner. Contact P3 Physical Therapy today to learn more about our post-surgical rehabilitation services and schedule an evaluation!