5 Reasons Why You Should Try Dry Needling Physical Therapy in El Paso

A physical therapist performing dry needling therapy on a patient’s neck.Dry needling therapy is one of the longest-practiced physical therapy treatments adopted from traditional Chinese medicine. This time-tested physical therapy has helped many patients navigate and manage chronic pain and old injuries. However, dry needling is not a practice you should consider doing on your own at home because it requires a trained hand and eye to be effective. Keep reading to learn more about dry needling therapy in El Paso!

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What is Dry Needling? 

Dry needling may sound scary, but when done with a trained physical therapist, it can be one of the safest treatment methods available. The main point of dry needling therapy involves penetrating trigger points—tight, knotted muscles—with a needle to release the tension and alleviate pain. 

Individuals who fear needles should not worry because the needles used during dry needling are much smaller than most needles. The needles don’t penetrate nearly as deep into the muscle as the ones you might experience at a primary care office for a vaccination.

5 Reasons to Try El Paso Dry Needling Physical Therapy 

El Paso dry needling therapy is one of the best treatment methods that offer a more precise way to target a specific body area. You may benefit from dry needling therapy for a wide range of reasons, but here are five we’d like to highlight. 

1. Release Tight Muscles 

Nothing feels worse than tight muscles that never seem to relax. Over time, this can build as the tension continues to pull away at your muscles and spread pain to different areas of the body. The point of dry needling therapy is to release muscle tension that is causing you pain or restricting mobility.

2. Better Blood Flow 

Trigger points can restrict blood flow to specific areas of the body, spreading pain to different locations. Increasing the blood flow—especially to injured areas—is necessary for the body to recover. Dry needling opens up trigger points and allows the blood to flow more efficiently, which can help with further relaxing and recovering the muscles. 

3. Increase Functionality 

Patients who need physical therapy often have restricted mobility and need help releasing tight muscles. When one specific muscle group is limited, it can cause a domino effect of issues due to other areas of the body having to compensate for the mobility loss. Dry needling works to open up the muscles that are causing the strain and limited range of motion.

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4. Promotes the Natural Healing Process

The body is able to recover miraculously on its own, but sometimes the circumstances of an old injury, trauma or other issues can hinder the healing process. Dry needling therapy will help kickstart the body’s natural healing process by alleviating trigger points and allowing for better muscle release and blood flow. 

5. Works Well with Other Treatments 

Depending on the severity of your issues, dry needling can be a great way to treat a problem in conjunction with other treatment methods. When it comes to physical therapy, there’s not usually a one-size-fits-all approach because everyone’s issues are unique and require a specific treatment plan. Physical therapy treatments often involve more than one treatment method to help someone fully recover and live pain-free.  

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Dry needling is a great way to improve muscle strains that are causing you chronic pain. It’s an exact approach to treating specific issues. Results manifest in a short amount of time. 

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