5 Things to Know Before Choosing Your PT

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After any injury or surgery, you need the best physical therapist. The process of choosing one can be daunting at times, and the way to find the ideal PT is to do some research. First and foremost, a physical therapist should possess excellent listening skills, be compassionate about patient care, and have intuitive skills with regard to how the body works. At P3 Physical Therapy we are interested in inspiring our patients within their healing process. Please email or call us with questions and do your research. It’s your right to get all the information you can before making a final decision.

As a company owned by a therapist, we understand the importance of creating an environment filled with compassion and professionalism. We believe that having these elements promote healing. Our priority is to return each patient to his or her pre-injury level of function (and beyond!).

Choosing a physical therapist (PT) can be difficult. Especially if one has never had physical therapy before and don’t really know how to pick one. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to use the PT that your doctor refers you to. You have the right to pick your own. Sometimes, Doctors have special relationships with the clinics they refer to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make for the best choice for  their patients. 

In this piece, we look at some important items you need to be aware of before choosing a physical therapist. We want to ensure you experience a full recovery and return to better than pre-injury function.

1. Make sure that a certified physical therapist is giving you physical therapy (and not an assistant).

Firstly, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) states that choosing a licensed physical therapist is the most important factor. All physical therapists must have a degree from an officially recognized physical therapy school. Furthermore, they must have passed a national licensure examination. Your therapist may work with a physical therapy assistant (PTA) when providing care. However, they can not design a physical therapy program for you.

2. Customer Reviews!

Often times, clinics offer various kinds of specialization, such as sports medicine, back and/or neck strain and joint replacement. Also, physical therapists may offer special treatments and additional areas of certification. Some examples range from dry needling, pediatric care to geriatric patient therapy. Read patient experience reviews on Google to get a sense of what each clinic offers. Call and visit as many clinics as you can, to get as much information as necessary for you to make an informed decision.

3. Choose a physical therapist that you get along with –

Thirdly, physical therapy is a journey between therapist and patient. It’s so important to work with someone that you have a good connection with. Communicating is a big part of the partnership-pick someone you feel comfortable with. As a patient, you are responsible for part of your healing. The opportunity to recovery fully will increase when your connection to your therapist is strong. Therefore, you need to trust your PT and be able to follow their guidance.

4. Find a Specialized Therapist-

APTA Board Certified physical therapists with a specialization are all around. Many physical therapists have one or two specializations. Usually, some study and practice of various areas of the body and the relationship between all parts. Find someone that specializes on pre or post-surgery care, athletics, car accidents, stroke rehab or neurological conditions.

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Furthermore, the APTA has seven focuses: Cardiopulmonary, Clinical Electrophysiology, Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Sports Physical Therapy.

5. Clinic with Equipment –

Lastly, find a facility equipped to provide multiple types of treatment. Furthermore, choose a clinic with newer equipment for quality service. Ensure that your clinic has thermal, sound and electrical therapeutics. Therefore, look for up to date equipment and exercise machines. Many physical therapy programs require a patient to visit the clinic two or three times per week for up to several weeks. Be sure you pick a clinic where you will feel most comfortable.

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