Alternative Pain Management Interview

When one experiences chronic pain and is looking for choices outside of prescribed / over the counter medication and surgery, there are multiple options. Alternative pain treatments were once ridiculed by doctors despite becoming a standard at pain clinics and physical therapy groups.

However, not all alternative pain management is equal. Most alternative treatments can relieve pain from lower back pain, osteoarthritis, Arthritis and headaches. Furthermore, chronic pain from fibromyalgia,  nerve damage and other pain can also be relieved.

 Daily, over 130 people in the U.S. die because of overdose.  The existing opioid crisis is nationwide. This addiction to opioids results in misuse and, often times, death.

Physical therapists and General doctors are fighting back by teaching the population about this epidemic. What’s more, health care practitioners are beginning to prescribe patients, even those enduring surgical procedures, pain management initiatives outside of prescriptions. Some doctors prescribe dry needling, over the counter medication, or non-addictive pain relievers.

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