Best Physical Therapy in El Paso

Who is the best physical therapist in El Paso? Great question. I’ve been an athlete most of my life. As an adult, at age 28, the sport of surfing came into my life while living in Venice Beach, California. Since then, it developed into an obsession. I began competing four months after having taken out surfboard for the first time. In October of 2015, Dr. Micheli, a well known orthopedic surgeon from Boston (who treated Red Sox, Celtics, and other pro athletes), would perform surgery on my left shoulder. I have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome  specifically hyper-flexibility of joints which results in severe dislocations of shoulders, hips, knees.

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Since moving to El Paso, Texas there has been an increase in shoulder dislocations. Both sides. Specialists in Boston were unable to determine the cause of pain situated near my right shoulder. I was sidelined from any athletic pursuit for over four months (only allowed to work out lower body). I heard about Fyzical therapy and border therapy. However, A Fit Source 180 trainer, Mariana Serrano, suggested a physical therapist in El Paso for pain management. P3 Physical Therapy designed a program which included dry needling sessions. Within one session the pain dissipated! I returned to surf training, basketball, and recently took up tennis. Treatment with P3 physical therapy was the best decision I’d made as an athlete.

Currently, P3 is working with a variety of clients. Although most of their clientele is physical therapy after surgery, P3 now has a strong roster of elite athletes. I highly recommend Dr. Parul Haribhai (p3 physical therapy in El Paso) for you if you care about getting to a higher level of body movement.

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