Cut Off From The Gym? Check Out Our At-Home Health Tips!

For those of us that had a better body on our 2020 resolutions, the coronavirus seemed like a giant laugh from the universe. Some of us have still managed to do well; others, maybe not so much. But with the coronavirus surging in El Paso and the country at large, many people are finding themselves at home sans a gym.

While this makes a lot of sense, it has the unintended consequence of even less movement than we got pre-pandemic. And our pre-pandemic levels were already incredibly low for what is healthy for us. Combined with poor diets, we definitely aren’t all that healthy as a species at the moment.

In this environment, it could be easy for someone to lose some strength or mobility. But, you could maintain some of it at home with the right routine. In this blog, we discuss ways to maintain your health without leaving the home!

Sitting: Your Worst Enemy

For our first tip, we recommend that you try to reduce the time you sit down or counteract the effects of sitting. Most people know sitting isn’t good for you, but too many aren’t aware of just how bad it really is.

For one, sitting can shorten your life whether you exercise after work or not. It harms your heart as well and is correlated to dementia, diabetes, weight gain, and more. If you’re interested in living as long as you can, sitting isn’t exactly your friend.

There are a number of ways you could counteract this. The first would just be to simply work out when you aren’t forced to sit. This is fine, but as we mentioned earlier, this will still lead to some issues. To truly address the problem, you may need to invest in a standing desk or implement regular walking or stretching breaks.

If you can simply sit less at home or at work, you’ll be one step closer to being healthier.

How To Move In Limited Space

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, don’t worry! You’ll just have to be a little more creative in the way that you move about.

There are a ton of ways that you can work around this limitation. First, you could use what you have as your workout equipment. Now you have a couch in your living room, but later it can be a push-up aid or a crunches aid.

In addition, you’ll have to look for some bodyweight exercises that get as many muscles fired up as possible. You’d be surprised what you can get done in such a small space. There are tons of articles with great moves to use, but here are a few that you can use:

  • Push-ups/Plank Variations
  • Yoga Variations
  • Calisthenics (w/ proper equipment)
  • Simple Stretching
  • Dancing
  • Pull-ups (w/indoor bar)

If you’re not already swimming in subscriptions, you could also sign up for a fitness streaming service with live classes. There are live classes for a variety of workouts like yoga and dance, so be sure to look around for something you may like. Try to mix up your workouts to become more well-rounded physically.

Also, try to have a mirror to check your form. It’s easy to feel like you’re doing it right, but having a mirror could make sure that you aren’t setting yourself up for injury. Then you’ll be seeing us in a few years to correct the issue when it could have been avoided.

Pay Close Attention To Your Calories

Even if you do establish a solid workout routine in your limited space, you probably won’t be burning the same amount of calories as you had been. You don’t need to get super complex and count every calorie, but just be aware that your calorie count may need to adjust to your lifestyle.

Another way to control your food intake is to try intermittent fasting. Of course, you should consult your doctor before modifying your diet. However, it could potentially be a way to keep your hands off the snacks for a predetermined amount of time.

Check Your Stress Levels

Our final tip for those stuck at home is to check your stress levels from time to time. You may have heard that “stress kills”, but it’s not just a saying. It’s been proven that stress can affect many areas of the body, leading to physical damage from mental or emotional problems.

During the pandemic, almost everyone is experiencing some massive shift in how they live, leading to stress about the unknown. If you’ve been chronically stressed for months or years even, it could be worsening your health more than you realize.

To address stress, consider using mindfulness exercises to handle stress differently. Unfortunately, there’s no life hack for avoiding stress (besides being super rich!) but we can choose how we respond to life’s stressful situations and how our bodies develop.

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As we’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy, even without a ton of space. But if you need help with an injury or just moving better, a qualified physical therapist may be your best bet.

If you feel like physical therapy may be the route you need, visit or call our clinic today to schedule an evaluation!