How Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Chronic Pain

A person in a blue t-shirt stretching their arm with the assistance of a physical therapist in El Paso.Often used to treat patients post-operation, physical therapy is also proven to significantly help those who are experiencing chronic pain. Not only can therapy help relieve pain, but it also helps with strengthening the muscles. Ultimately, this helps and supports your day-to-day movement. If you have never been in physical therapy before, we have all the information you need to know to get started!

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Exercise Strengthens the Muscles  

As you may already know, physical therapy is designed to strengthen the muscles. Physical therapy utilizes exercise, and though it may be uncomfortable at first and leave you feeling sore, it is the best thing to do for the body after experiencing severe pain. A therapist will have you using several methods of exercise, including:

  • Weights
  • Calisthenics (your own body weight) 
  • Resistance bands

Therapy Decreases Pain

Therapy is also designed to utilize exercises to relieve the body of pain. These exercises put target areas in motion. This is all designed to benefit your strength and flexibility. It is useful in chronic pain management. Overall, this can improve many areas of your daily life. 

Improved Motion 

Other forms of physical therapy could improve motion and minimize pain. Other methods may include:

  • Dry needling to address trigger points
  • Heat and/or ice to treat inflammation and pain 
  • Massage to encourage blood flow
  • How to move without experiencing any pain
  • Strategies to walk, lift, sit, and run while undergoing treatment 


Stretching is often of the first methods of treatment a physical therapist will introduce. Stretching may also be somewhat uncomfortable, but with practice, it can bring plenty of relief and will often be a part of chronic pain management. A therapist will always approach stretching gently. That being said, a professional will make sure you are warmed up and don’t overwork yourself. 


Massage is also a great technique for repairing physical ailments and managing chronic pain. Many kinds of massages are designed to target different types of pains and achieve several goals. It is important to remember that massage on injured or sore areas may not feel relaxing, but that is simply part of targeting and treating pain. 

Low-Impact Aerobic Therapy 

While not commonly heard of, this is a great way to get your heart pumping without putting any extra tension on your joints. Low-impact aerobic therapy consists of workouts designed to help you break a sweat so you can still get some exercise throughout the healing process. Some exercises include walking and using cycling. 

What to Expect in Physical Therapy 

Most patients go into physical therapy thinking it will be painful. On the contrary, therapy is not intended to hurt; it is all about maintaining a safe space! Although, it is important to be aware that it will be challenging at times, considering you will be using parts of your body that are injured or experiencing chronic pain. You may feel sore, especially after a massage or stretching. 

If you feel or experience any pain, you should let your therapist know right away.

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