Job Duties in Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is part of the medical industry. Physical therapists are key to recovery for some patients. As you know, these patients are often recuperating from injuries, illnesses, and surgery. They work with patients to help them regain movement and manage pain. Furthermore, physical therapists work either in home, clinical, and hospital setting. They are licensed to treat patients. They can be licensed in physical therapy as well as something like dry needling. Physical Therapists often help patients reclaim their lives and, as a result, happiness.

Firstly, physical therapy aides and assistants are typically entry-level positions in the industry. However, physical therapy aides and assistants are not equal roles. They each have different responsibilities. Furthermore, the assistant position often requires a specific degree and certification or licensure. An aide usually qualifies for employment without a college degree or certification.

While a physical therapy aide is not a licensed practitioner, they are still a crucial part of a physical therapy office.They assist physical therapists deliver care to the patients. Any physical therapy team runs more efficiently with an organized physical therapy aide.

The Role of a Physical Therapy Aide

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Daily Responsibilities of a Physical Therapy aide :

  • Prepare therapy sessions by identifying the treatment locations based on the patient’s needs
  • Clean, sanitize office and clinic equipment.
  • Organize equipment according to upcoming sessions.
  • Make patient progress notes on plan of care and treatment progress.
  • Assist in moving patients from treatment locations.
  • Aides help patients walk, and assist patients in sitting and standing.
  • Order supplies, answer phone calls, take appointments, call patients, and help file insurance paperwork

Physical therapy aides are able to work throughout the clinic. It is not strictly an administrative position. However, clerical responsibilities combined with medical knowledge are necessary. It is a position that requires organizational skills and patience.

Furthermore, physical therapy aides are always going to work where physical therapists work. More over, the field of physical therapy continues to grow. Therefore, one finds physical therapists in more and more places throughout departments of medicine. This means more opportunities for physical therapy aides. They are found in the following areas:

  • Private Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Home Care
  • Orthopedic clinics

While working as an aide, someone may choose to continue their education to become a physical therapy assistant or pursue another avenue in the healthcare field to earn more money or widen their knowledge of the medical field.

Lastly, being a physical therapy aide can be an educational, interesting and flexible career. People have the ability to work within the stable medical field without certifications. However, one can receive on the job training and learning in an office or clinical environment. Finally, it is also important work. PTA’s help patients and doctors in progressing treatment forward.

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