Why We Have Resumed in Clinic Care

Yes, we opened our in clinic care offices earlier this month. It was a difficult decision to make. In the last two weeks a few new an existing patients have shared with us their feelings on our “re-opening”. Some of you have expressed relief to be able to pursue your health and progress through in-clinic appointments. Others have wondered whether or not it is safe to come in for an appointment. Both sides are valid.

As you may know, multiple surgeons have begun what are considered non-essential surgeries, in addition to essential surgeries. This means that several of our new and existing patients will need to have physical therapy as part of their recovery. Our decision to open in clinic care is mostly based on being able to service these needs. What’s more, it is important that our patients continue their physical therapy and recovery progress.

COVID-19 and The CDC

We are continuing to follow CDC guidelines for seeing in-clinic patients. Firstly, we do screen the patient for symptoms of respiratory illness
(e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) or COVID-19 symptoms before they enter our practice.
When a patient has respiratory symptoms we do not provide treatment within the clinic. Instead, we offer a telemedicine appointment.
We practice social distancing of six feet in waiting rooms and other areas of the practice. Everyone is encouraged to closely follow CDC guidelines for hand hygiene. Our staff and providers follow CDC guidelines for hand-washing. Furthermore, we clean equipment and facilities between
patients. All of our employees are reminded that when they feel sick they must stay home. We do not require them to work.
Currently, our staff is choosing to wear face masks o when providing in-person services.
In addition to wearing masks ourselves, we have been providing masks to our patients especially when we are within close proximity.


We have received questions regarding telehealth and, or telemedicine, as well. Telehealth is the opportunity to follow through on appointments using a mobile device. It is often referred to as telemedicine, as well. For example, some patients have purchased our in-house resistance bands in order to exercise at home. Telemedicine works in the following way: set appointments with our patient and deliver services using a mobile device. For example, one of our patients is having shoulder recovery work. Her appointment is set a few days in advance. P3 Physical Therapy assists with ensuring that the technology on the mobile device is working well. In this case Dr. Sara Tano calls into the appointment and, depending on the type of appointment, directs the patient through the series of exercises using bands. It’s easy and people love it!

Would you like to learn more? Sure! Give us a call at 915-444-5200