5 Reasons Why You Should Try Dry Needling Physical Therapy in El Paso

A physical therapist performing dry needling therapy on a patient’s neck.

Dry needling therapy is one of the longest-practiced physical therapy treatments adopted from traditional Chinese medicine. This time-tested physical therapy has helped many patients navigate and manage chronic pain and old injuries. However, dry needling is not a practice you should consider doing on your own at home because it requires a trained hand and […]

Is Dry Needling in El Paso Covered By Insurance?

A young man undergoing dry needling therapy in El Paso

It’s not uncommon for people to put their treatment on the back burner due to fear of its costs or expenses. Dealing with insurance companies can be tricky, and it’s not always clear-cut what is covered and what is not. The good news is that P3 Physical Therapy takes insurance for most treatments, including dry […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Nerve Damage

Physical Therapy Patient Using Physiotherapy Bands

Movement is complicated, and the anatomical structures that make it happen are equally complex. A lot of factors go into preserving a body’s mobility. For people that have suffered nerve pain, recovery can feel like a never-ending saga. Nerve pain tends to be very distinctive, disruptive, and often chronic. Because of the nature and function […]

Post-Surgery Physical Therapy: How the Right Movement Expedites Recovery and Strength 

Professional physiotherapist supporting patient with orthopedic problem

Getting major surgery is not on most people’s list of favorite activities. The prospect can be rather daunting. Recovery and rehabilitation depend on various factors and, of course, every person and surgery is different. And yet, research shows that post-surgery physical therapy significantly helps the recovery process. How exactly does physical therapy accomplish a better […]

3 Possible Causes of Your Shoulder Pain and How to Proceed

3D Illustration of shoulder painful.

Pitching a baseball appears relatively simple to the naked untrained eye. What’s the big deal? You lift your leg, raise your arm and throw. Right? Not exactly. If you’ve ever spoken to a baseball aficionado or an experienced pitcher, they will describe pitching as an art form—a complex series of perfectly timed and measured movements […]

Fighting Nerve Damage with Physical Therapy, Movement, & Electrical Stimulation 

The intricacy of the nervous system has inspired generations of medical study and observation. Understanding how we move in the world is a big part of what physical therapists seek to understand. Our job is to heal, strengthen, and reinforce the mechanisms that allow us to lead active lifestyles and move our bodies without pain. […]