La telesalud pronto ocupará un lugar central ya que COVID-19 impacta la fisioterapia y las profesiones asociadas

El distanciamiento social durante el brote de coronavirus significa una reexaminación completa de cómo se prestan los servicios de salud. COVID-19 afecta la fisioterapia y otras profesiones de rehabilitación muy severamente, aunque muchos “expertos” han calificado rápidamente estas citas como “electivas o” no esenciales “. Pero los profesionales saben mejor y, por lo tanto, se […]

Why We Have Resumed in Clinic Care

Yes, we opened our in clinic care offices earlier this month. It was a difficult decision to make. In the last two weeks a few new an existing patients have shared with us their feelings on our “re-opening”. Some of you have expressed relief to be able to pursue your health and progress through in-clinic […]

Corona Virus, Covid-19

A medida que las comunidades comienzan a sentir el impacto del coronavirus (COVID-19), quiero compartir con ustedes los pasos que estamos tomando en P3 Physical Therapy para ayudar a proteger la salud y la seguridad de nuestros clientes y asociados, que es Siempre nuestra máxima prioridad. Seguimos de cerca los informes locales y nacionales sobre […]

Top 3 Swimming Injuries

This month we explore injuries associated with swimming. Check back to get an opportunity to hear from an Olympic bound swimmer that had to retire after a series of shoulder injuries. Dr. Sara and Dr. Parul have extensive experience with athletes. They both prefer preventative injury care for their patients.

Osteoporosis and Physical Therapy

Osteoporosis Osteoporosis causes bones to become fragile. Often times, it is associated with weak and brittle bones. In extreme cases, even mild stress on the body, such as bending over, have been known to cause fractures. Finally, fractures associated with the disease are often in the wrists, hip or spines. Aerobic Exercise Research has found […]

How is Direct Access for me?`

Direct Access: Imagine a time when you didn’t feel well. Your body stiffened up causing lower back pain. Furthermore, your knee pain on the left hand side started up again. “It must be my meniscus again”. After that, you know what has worked in the past. You Know Your Body Firstly, you have experienced these […]

Physiotherapy – A safe and effective measure to recover from muscle distress

Physiotherapy! An easy and reliable resort to get back to the healthy body movements!  We all must have been through some muscle injury or joint pain back in times when we have been advised to take its recourse from a physiotherapist.  Sure, there are other ways to get a quick escape from the underlying immobility. […]

The Causes & Treatment of Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain! An exasperating condition!  Sure enough, we all know that chronic pain is a pain that persists longer than a period of 12 weeks! It is that ‘stubborn pain’ that doesn’t go away easily despite the regular course of medication and treatment.  Not just it brings along with it the physical discomfort but also […]